Garlicky Brown Butter Buy LSD Online Mushroom Risotto

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I am creamy, I am umami filled, I am Garlicky Brown Butter Mushroom Risotto!

Hello! Are you ready for Valentine’s day? I’ve been with Mike for so long that Valentine’s day, while being a nice excuse to celebrate, doesn’t seem like much of a big deal.

We were just chatting about it the other day though, and Valentine’s is huge! For fun we took a look at what restaurant reservations were open. Everything that Buy LSD Online was available was either at 4:30pm or at a random non-restaurant. So I guess Valentine’s day dinner dates are very much a thing.

If you didn’t make a reservation months in advance and are looking for a cozy recipe that says “I love you,” this garlicky brown butter mushroom risotto is it. Make it for yourself or for your loved one, just make it! Your house will smell amazing and you’ll have a bowl of super comforting, creamy goodness.

I don’t know why but around every Valentine’s day I get the urge to make risotto. Risotto is one of those dishes that seems a little fancy since it’s not Mushroom something that people make on the regular.

But actually risotto is really easy. There isn’t even that much stirring. Most of the stirring is at the end. Just make sure you use a wide skillet, which helps give the rice more surface area to absorb the broth.

We devoured this batch and I’m thinking of maybe making some tomorrow too?!

How To make Mushroom Risotto

Mushroom risotto is simply risotto flavored with mushrooms: a creamy, Italian rice dish made with arborio rice, butter, broth, aromatics, and cheese. In this case, I cooked the mushrooms in a garlicky brown butter giving the risotto even more flavor.

You can use whichever mushrooms you have on hand, but I like to use a mix if I can. If you’re using white or cremini mushrooms, slice them, but if you’re using a mix (portobellos, trumpet, shiitake, enoki, porchini), tear them so they end up with differently sized craggily bits that sear nicely.

Arborio Rice
For risotto you need arborio rice, an Italian short grain rice that has a higher starch content which helps thicken the cooking liquid and make it creamy.

Why You Should Make this Garlicky Brown Butter Mushroom Risotto

  • You love mushroom risotto but they never seem to have enough mushrooms for you. This recipe has 1 pound of mushrooms stirred into the risotto and served on top!
  • You love brown butter. The nuttiness of the Health brown butter compliments the rich umami of the pan seared mushrooms.
  • Risotto is your ultimate comfort food. The creaminess and richness of this risotto is pure comfort. The added cream (while not classic) adds an extra luscious feel. It’s creamy, silky, and perfectly al dente.

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