How To Improve Your Performance In The Race

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Every year, Florian Neusch wander creates his virtual runner team ” Run with Flow ” as part of the charity Wings for Life World Run . Together with runners from all over the world, which anyone can join, he sets the goal to run the most kilometers and take the top line of the team ranking. At the same time, not all participants will run a long distance, because 5 km is enough to contribute to the overall goal of the team.

To help you tame your 5K, Florian shares some tips. They will help you run out of 30 minutes and show your best result. And this is interesting, because in the charity Wings for Life World Run, it is after 30 minutes that the virtual finish car starts chasing the runners, which means that if after 5 km you take a walk, the result of the race will please you.

1. Alternate long and short distances :

Contrary to what you may think, improving your 5K doesn’t mean running 5K all the time. Changing distances increases cardio capacity and makes the heart work better. Mix 5k runs with longer runs (7.5/10k) and shorter runs (2/3k) to improve your endurance and speed.

2. Add High Intensity Interval Training :

If you want to improve your time in a 5k race, you don’t have to run laps on asphalt or on a treadmill several times a week. An alternative option is to make friends with high-intensity interval training (HIIT). It is essentially a combination of vigorous exercise (such as jumpstarting a run or cycling as fast as possible) with short rest breaks.

Despite the fact that the duration of such interval training is much shorter, studies show that they bring more benefits to the body, including the cardiovascular system, than long continuous training. “Cycling is what I dilute my running training with,” says Florian Neuschwander. “High-intensity interval training can be very helpful on those days when you’re short on time.”

3. Slower but regular is better :

“I don’t know anyone who loves to run at full strength and at maximum speed more than me. But sometimes, in order to run faster, you need to learn how to run slower – provided that you exercise regularly, ”advises Neuschwander.

Slow runs are a surprisingly effective way to build your fitness. And while the temptation to give them up is great, they are important for recovery and your endurance, as well as for balancing more intense workouts.

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